5 reasons why your maintenance team needs a mobile EAM app

If your facility still has not adopted a mobile app as a part of your daily workflow, now is the perfect time to put that on the list of your top priorities. Why?

The world of maintenance management is moving at a rapid speed because of the ever-evolving technological opportunities. Technology provides an automatization of processes that once took up a lot of time and energy. Your business has probably already taken use of maintenance software for optimization of maintenance operations. But if you have not gone mobile – you are nowhere near your fullest potential.

A computerized maintenance management system can only be fully utilized, when it has the support for multiple mobile devices, such as API PRO. With this mobile EAM app your staff will truly be allowed the ability to track work progress from anywhere at any time – it is simply a must have for your technicians in the field these days. Not convinced yet? We will give you five good reasons to go mobile!

1. React faster and take quick action

For any manufacturing facility there will be surprises. Things will break, and sometimes the difference between a small repair and major downtime will depend on how quickly you can notify the right technician for the job.

The first main advantage of a mobile EAM app is simply that information travels faster! By reporting a job request using the app, along with all the information about the damage, required parts, priority, etc., a mobile CMMS app will let you avoid the wild goose chase.

Furthermore, your technicians will be able to receive and send all the information they need about a work order in real time – from basically anywhere! This means that they can edit tasks, send additional work orders and see the current orders.

2. Spend less time logging work

It is no secret for any company that time is money. In the past, facilities relied on paper-based systems to track work orders, which was a high cost and manually performed task. By reducing the time spend on these routines your technicians can spend more time in the field!

With API PRO Mobile solutions, they will literally be carrying around a computer in their pocket – allowing them to log work on the spot and be free of administrative hours in the office. On top of that, the app can even be used both offline and online – so you can stay ON task even when OFF-line!

3. Reduce untracked maintenance

When using regular computers for maintenance management you can be sure that a lot of small maintenance work goes untracked. Small repairs can seem to insignificant for a log-in on the desktop CMMS – especially if the computers are not nearby!

This all adds up, and things might be looking better on paper than they are. With a mobile app you eliminate the distance (both mentally and physically) from task to reporting. So even small adjustments and repairs can get tracked immediately with a few clicks on a smartphone!     

In the end, you will have a much better overview and a clearer picture of your facility’s actual status.

4. Have valuable data and analytics at hand

Good maintenance management is about preventive and systematic repairs – to shift from reactive and sudden to planned and proactive maintenance. With a Mobile CMMS like API PRO you provide your staff with increased insights into every department and machinery of your facility.

This results in a smoother planning of inspections and checkups that eventually helps you identify small issues before they turn into bigger problems. The opportunity to quickly access valuable data – like looking up information about a spare part by scanning the barcode – will significantly increase efficiency in all levels of your organization.

5. A picture says more than a thousand words

How many words does it take to explain an exact problem in need of a repair? Of course, it depends on the complexity of the issue, but how many times haven’t we tried to give detailed explanations of something only to reach sudden understanding, when a picture is shown?

Using a mobile CMMS has the advantageous opportunity that practically every device are equipped with a camera these days. This allows for quick attachment of pictures to reports and the opportunity to save yourself a lot of time and words!

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Avoid costly downtime



Increase efficiency in the maintenance process



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Secure reliable data and documentation



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