Industry 4.0 – Beyond the Hype!

Consider for a moment this one statistic, a 10% increase in your OEE will increase profits by more than 20%!

It is true that there is a lot of noise and hype around Industry 4.0, but this does not take away from the fact that it is real and inevitable If your organization is not prepared you will be left behind!

For your organization to benefit from the advances being made in Industry 4.0 you need to have in place an Actionable Business Strategy. One very important key to remember is that Industry 4.0 is not just a technology shift, but a cultural shift for your employees and organization.

There are four essential aspects to designing an executable strategy that can be implemented in your organization.

  • Define the “Real Questions to Answer, such as production volume issues or quality issues and most importantly is the “Why” this is happening.
  • Understand your organizations current state and skill set’s. Do you have the staff and personnel with the capacity to implement and learn any new systems or technologies?
  • Identify and set both short and long-term goals. Your short-term successes will be the building blocks of the foundation for your long-term goals being met.
  • Understand the difference between “What” and “How”. The “What” is the strategy for achieving a goal while the “How” is the implementation that will achieve that goal.

Industry 4.0 is the convergence of many areas and disciplines within an organization including the teams working with Continuous Improvement, Lean, Production and Quality. It is important to have a partnership between these groups to avoid competing for resources. As an example, don’t choose between defect reduction or lean manufacturing, choose both and understand the impact one has on the other.

Let’s look at one area where these groups can come together in an organization, Condition based and Predictive Maintenance of Critical Assets

The data sent from production line or machine sensors deliver up to the minute information into a production monitoring solution such as AXXOS OEE. This collected data allows quality teams and production executives to have full control over and real-time visibility into their manufacturing operations. This visibility offers operational insights that help management identify opportunities to increase output, decrease costs and improve overall quality.

Now really expand the capabilities of production monitoring by integrating your OEE system with your CMMS system such as APIPRO. The integration between OEE and CMMS will enable you to combine condition data from critical equipment with operational data. Thereby you create the the platform for condition based as well as predictive maintenance and can eliminate unplanned downtime that results in lost productivity.

Three key reasons to consider an integrated AXXOS OEE- and APIPRO CMMS systems are;

  • Create the Platform for Continuous Improvement
  • Reduced Downtime with Predictive Maintenance.
  • Eliminate double entry of data.
  • Engaged Employees leading to increased productivity, fewer quality issues and lower employee turnover.
  • Most importantly all areas Production, Quality, Management will have the data to make better decisions in a shorter time frame.

API – AXXOS  brings over twenty years of experience of being a valued trusted partner to some of the largest manufacturers around the globe. The modular approach of each solution along with flexible deployment options means that any budget can be met. Aspects of being a world class solution that AXXOS OEE and API PRO provide include; supporting over 23 languages’, multi-plant, multi-time zone and multi-currencies.