Integrate Root Cause Analysis with your EAM solution

When pulling weeds up the ground, you don’t leave the root in the soil. The weed, or let’s say the “problem”, simply grows back up. We know, therefore, that effective weeding is all about removing the root of the problem – the same goes for production facilities. Errors and failures are simply a part of production machinery, but with Root Cause Analysis we “dig up” the contributing factors to prevent re-occurrences.

An RCA strategy or method is the utensil for problem solving at production facilities, the same way a garden trowel is for weeding in a garden. Now, let’s say you move to your front garden to weed – you wouldn’t leave the garden trowel behind and start digging with your bare hands – you would take your tool with you.

In production facilities it’s even more important that the findings and solutions of RCA processes are available and implemented to avoid similar failures in the future – across multiple plants and facilities. This is where integration with your EAM solution becomes crucial.

Create synergy across your organization

Using an EAM software solution like API PRO provides your staff easy access to production KPI’s, increases maintenance efficiency and much more. It’s all about preventing costly downtime and increasing proactive analysis and reporting. But if solutions from RCA conducted on specific events are not integrated with the EAM solution and thereby implemented across the organization, the garden trowel is simply left in a backyard.

Wherever a solution generated from RCA is applicable it should be implemented. Otherwise technicians across facilities or different departments will be doing double work. The advantages of API PRO EAM is that information about every asset and machinery is in the software – with streamlined knowledge sharing and effective planning across multiple plants as a result. In today’s age of technology this is the method for improving overall site safety, productivity and saving your company a lot of time, money and resources.

Building a tool shed of knowledge and solutions

Returning to the weeding allegory, we can imagine the consequences of a bigger house and a bigger garden – more “problems”. A tool shed would quickly be established, so one never has to look long for a screwdriver, rake or a shovel. In the much more complex world of production and machinery, the tool shed would be API PRO EAM, and the tools would be knowledge.

So, integrating your RCA with your EAM solution will connect the retrospective problem solving with the continuous maintenance management – providing your staff a much broader view of the assets within the organization and setting them up for more effective and proactive management. Especially with a flexible software like API PRO Mobile Solutions, where the right technicians can be notified quickly, and reporting can be conducted on the spot.

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