Reduce turnovers and loss of knowledge and experience

When talking about assets, we often think about material assets – machinery, spare parts and the like. Obviously, knowledge is a highly prioritized key resource, but in a more fluid manner. Only when losing an important employee, we become keenly aware of our human assets and the lost value thereof – and it raises two important questions for every organization or facility.

How can we reduce turnovers? And what happens when staff members turn their back for good and take valuable knowledge with them?

Turnovers – why employees switch tracks

It has a high cost to hire, onboard and train new employees, and there will always be a certain dive in productivity and availability factor. It goes without saying that it is in every company’s interest to reduce the turnover-rate as much as possible.

The turnover-rate is especially high in the maintenance industry. On production facilities a lot of machinery and people need to work together in harmony – if not, your staff will be running around doing too much reactive maintenance – fixing sudden faults, unexpected breakdowns and doing too much paperwork.

Putting out fires like this and tracking down the right papers causes irritation and stress in the long run. Furthermore, your staff will be spending less time on developing actual skills – which is important especially for young people wanting to see a future at your facility!

An obvious way to fix these issues is to implement a powerful EAM solution like API PRO. A maintenance management system that will help managing your facility’s assets, increase production reliability and secure reliable data and documentation!

You will be able to plan across multiple plants, carry out preventive maintenance and inspection and manage resources and skills in a highly effective manner – all in an intuitive interface on computers and mobile devices. At best, your production will be more streamlined, you will pave the way for a more positive maintenance culture and young people born in the digitalized age will be more attracted to your company.   

Reduce loss of important knowledge

The loss of important employees is inevitable, but you can, though, work to reduce the loss of important knowledge and experience. A system like API PRO will increase the ongoing knowledge sharing and eventually the costs, when an employee walks out the door. Why?

Simple – when you record and report everything in API PRO, you will have an easily accessible digital repository of information about assets, machinery and work orders. By standardizing as many of your facility’s processes as possible, maintenance work gets more consistent and repeatable.

In this way, more important skills and knowledge will eventually be saved, when specialized individuals for some reason choose to leave your company. You can never eliminate turnovers entirely but investing in the right tools will certainly have a substantial impact on both reducing costs and creating a more dynamic working environment for your staff. 

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What you get with API PRO EAM


Avoid costly downtime



Increase efficiency in the maintenance process



Flexibility to meet the needs of your organization



Production reliability



Fast implementation



Reduce maintenance costs



Easy access to your production KPI’s



Optimize asset performance



Improved regulatory compliance



Secure reliable data and documentation



Optimize procurement process