What is SaaS and how can it help you?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Software as a service means that it is no longer necessary to install software on one’s computer, as is the case with traditional software. Whereas traditional software is often purchased as a package, Software as a Service proposes a new way of accessing software via the Internet, for example through a SaaS cloud. One of the advantages of Internet-delivered software is that applications are available anywhere and anytime, while traditional software licenses may be limited to a certain number of users and/or devices.

But there are many more advantages to Software as a Service. One advantage for users are the costs. Since the processing power is supplied by the provider of the SaaS cloud, there are no hardware costs for the client. You only pay for what you use, and applications can even be customized to fit specific organization’s needs. Another pro is cross device compatibility. In today’s digital world, we’re always connected on our smartphones, desktops and tablets. Software as a Service makes it easy to access applications via the Internet by any device and have them work together. This software approach makes managing your business faster and easier, allowing for greater flexibility for enterprise IT. SaaS maintenance is done through automatic updates, wherefore your software is always up-to-date and runs smoothly.

SaaS for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

OPTIWARE offers two types of Software as a Service. AXXOS OEE is a production monitoring solution that not only monitors, but also analyzes, visualizes, and improves your business’ production in real time. Through the online software data is continuously updated in order to increase efficiency and productivity by making faster and smarter decisions. Software becomes a service by collecting data with minimal efforts and proposing easy-to-use tools for analysis of production information that allows you to manage your business in an effective way anywhere, anytime. Get an overview of the production status of your business through real-time data visualization. SaaS makes it possible to have these machine overviews on display at the workplace and at any mobile device, making it easy to grasp the status of your production at a glance. With SaaS manufacturing software you will never miss a thing, and you know exactly how your business at doing right here, right now.

How does SaaS work with EAM?

OPTIWARE also proposes SaaS maintenance software, a flexible EAM solution that manages assets, improves reliability, availability, and performance management. EAM means Enterprise Asset Management software. Our mobile maintenance software allows the user to work directly from where they are, as you are never tied to a single computer that has the software installed. Take your mobile solution anywhere you need it on smart phone, tablet, and laptop. This is important since maintenance personnel should be able to work in the field while still being able to receive work orders and information on the go. Even when you happen to be without Wi-Fi connection, continue working by simply downloading the information you need onto your mobile device. When connected to the Internet, you can easily synchronize your offline work and share it with your peers. Offline and online work seamlessly together, allowing for optimal work mobility and flexibility.