Important factors to consider when choosing EAM software

There are multiple factors to be aware of when choosing an EAM software system. EAM (enterprise asset management) is the process of managing the lifecycle of physical assets to maximize their use, save money, and improve quality and efficiency. Moreover, it is also a way of safeguarding health, safety and the environment. With the right solution, all important elements of your production will be covered, and you will be able to track every single detail, to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

How can an EAM solution improve your production

When you are looking for an improvement in your production, a good place to start is with an EAM software. It is the optimal system for ensuring an efficient and digitalized maintenance process, while delivering consistent product quality and minimizing down-time through a wide range of built-in features and functions, which enables the running of an effective maintenance process.

Look at your needs

When you decide to implement an EAM solution, you should have a good strategy and a clear vision of how such software will fit into your organization’s operations. With the right EAM solution you will not only be able to keep your assets operating within the set specifications and reduce energy usage, you will also increase efficiency and identify errors before they become problems. With the EAM software from OPTIWARE, you can easily optimize all steps in your production in a cost-effective manner and with a peace of mind.

How to identify potential weaknesses in the production

First you need to identify your business’ challenges, as these can vary from plant to plant. It is always a good idea to talk to the staff that actually work with the machines in their daily work routines, as they will know if there are work processes that could be more efficient. They are also the ones who will be influenced the most by potential daily challenges that may occur, and therefore it is important to include them in the process.

How it works in practice

You and the maintenance workers can view, get notifications and maximize the asset performance from anywhere, as all you need to be up to date is a phone or a tablet.  Functionalities as scheduling, work order execution, cost control, spare part management, preventative maintenance and many more features will make your daily work much more enjoyable, and you will always be upfront with most potential problems.


An EAM solution can maximize your asset performance, stay up-to-date with maintenance and improve your operations. Some of the functions that an intelligent EAM software can help your production plant with are; scheduling and planning, cost control, spare parts management, preventive and reactive maintenance, and documenting and analyzing data.

By choosing your EAM system wisely, you can turn your company’s management program into a competitive advantage by increasing reliability; ensure greater regulatory compliance, and more sustainable initiatives.

How to get started

Our goal is to help our customers towards an efficient and well-maintained production site. With OPTIWARE EAM solution you will be assured a reliable and high-quality proactive maintenance system that will help you minimize unplanned repairs, extend the life of your assets and most importantly; customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. Book a web demo and get in touch with one of our solution specialists to learn more about our EAM solution and how this proactive maintenance system can benefit your specific needs.

What you get with API PRO EAM


Avoid costly downtime



Increase efficiency in the maintenance process



Flexibility to meet the needs of your organization



Production reliability



Fast implementation



Reduce maintenance costs



Easy access to your production KPI’s



Optimize asset performance



Improved regulatory compliance



Secure reliable data and documentation



Optimize procurement process