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What is AXXOS OEE: OPTIWARE’s state-of-the-art production monitoring solution designed to provide you with the full picture of your production effectiveness – and to help you identify the sources of loss as well as potential for improvements.

What makes it unique: The AXXOS OEE software solution has a strong focus on production monitoring and optimization. It enables you to locate bottlenecks in production, check asset availability and establish OEE value per machine, part or order as well as to find common causes of down-time.

Why you need it: With AXXOS OEE you can keep your equipment efficiency ahead of the game in an industry 4.0 reality by integrating real-time production information into your present and future digital manufacturing environment.

By using AXXOS OEE from OPTIWARE, we now have a complete report for each morning meeting. This enables 20 people to review occurrences of major issues and make informed decisions on which to focus on – all in under 15 minutes.

Jörgen Thunholm

Manufacturing Manager, Semper

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