Process Innovation Driving the Automotive Industry

The auto industry is undergoing a massive data driven transformation. Organizations are looking at ways to bring together data across the organization to gain insights and work across departmental boundaries.

The convergence of EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in the automotive manufacturing process is helping to drive this transformation. It has led to the removal of waste from the value stream increasing the dependency on the reliable performance of assets (People, Tools and Machines) exponentially increases.

Lean manufacturing concepts must move beyond the shop floor and be embraced as a culture within an organization. Combining the data collected both in your OEE system and your EAM system manufacturers now can analyze the data to identify sources of loss and typical failure rates. Eliminating reoccurring failure stops and production inefficiencies will have a direct positive impact to the bottom line.
A EAM system supporting lean manufacturing must monitor, support and manage all assets within the enterprise. API PRO supports and executes lean manufacturing by direct data feeds from AXXOS OEE. Asset performance is critical to lean manufacturing as production inefficiencies have been eliminated such as changeover issues and raw materials stocking and buffers within the production are gone replaced by continuous flow manufacturing. This means if an asset goes out of production unexpectedly the impact can be devastating. Strategic asset maintenance management must strive to maximize asset performance for the lowest total cost of ownership while considering factors such as compliance, risk and safety.

Assets must always be kept at a ready to run when needed by the production team.

Cost and investment

API PRO being a modular based EAM allows organization to start with a solid foundation in the maintenance department of the basics and grow the system as needed. AXXOS OEE is a scalable OEE system allowing manufacturers to begin with a pilot and growing the footprint to encompass the full plant. API PRO and AXXOS OEE are user friendly systems ensuring fast adoption rates within your organization.