Panning across multiple plants

International Enterprises

With the Multiple Plant module, it is possible to operate several plants or sites in one central database. API PRO can be configured in a way that users from each plant, department, or even group of users have different access rights to information and to specific settings.

The API PRO solution made for multiple plants also enables multiple legal units support. Plants belong to a legal unit that is defined with a specific currency. Multiple plants within the same legal unit share the same currency, and are allowed to exchange data. Transactions between plants with different currency are prohibited.

This allows local sites to store and analyze costs in their own currency and prevents mixing of data with different currencies between legal units.

To simplify the user experience, API PRO provides a clean interface making the user to feel he/she works in a local system. The system enables automatically the work within the area of responsibilities using user location.

Multi-languages and time zones

API PRO offers multiple language data handling of selected data related to name fields allowing site-specific naming of spare parts, units, etc. This allows the individual user on a specific site to work with the data in native tongue while upholding the possibility of making easy and efficient cross-site analysis of data.

Using different time zones (plant specific) bring benefits in having consistent information when messages are sent, transactions are recorded or reports are generated.

Purchase organizations

API PRO provides a solution for large organizations, having multiple purchase organizations, multiple plants. This provides the advantage to flexibly allocate different groups of suppliers to meet plant-specific needs.

Das bekommen Sie mit API PRO EAM


Vermeidung teurer Ausfallzeiten


Steigerung der Effizienz der Instandhaltungs-prozesse




Senkung der Instandhaltungskosten


Einfacher Zugang zu den KPIs Ihrer Produktion


Optimierung der Anlagenleistung


Flexibilität, um die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Organisation zu erfüllen


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