How to future-proof maintenance operations in 2020 and beyond

New EAM insights for achieving greater efficiency and control of assets.


June 25 @ 15:00 – 16:00  CET

There are several strategies to manage assets and in the case of maintenance, it is clearly no single strategy fits all.

The optimum way to benefit from the EAM industry trends is to evaluate where the organizations are in their maintenance maturity journey. Based on this, the right actions can be determined as well as the efficient utilization of the assets and resources, all while maintaining proper cost controls.

This Copperberg webinar shares key EAM insights from an expert panel:
  • Stevie Hay, Aptean Group Vice President for multiple industry specific EAM and manufacturing software solutions.
  • Johan Berglund, OEE & EAM lead for Moelven Digital Transformation project, Moelven ASA is one of Europe’s largest sawmill groups


The webinar will cover:

  • The journey from reactive to proactive maintenance workflows and how each organization can benefit from this transition.
  • How to improve asset transparency and create digital maintenance processes.
  • Selecting the best types of maintenance strategies, based on the data driven insights of connected assets
  • How to operate more efficiently using IoT, assessing and improving the reliability and performance of the assets, minimizing downtime

Please pass along the information to anyone who might benefit from this webinar.