OPTIWARE Building Strength to support the transformation to Industry 4.0

In the past 18 months, we have gained 126 new customers and many running both our EAM- and OEE-systems.

Well received in the market

The merger of the two companies meant, among other things, an increased customer base. AXXOS OEE was particularly strong in Sweden, while API PRO had good coverage in the major part of Europe. There where not so many common customers.

In the past 18 months, we have gained 126 new customers and many running both our EAM- and OEE-systems. Existing customers have noticed that we have grown bigger and that we develop new features in our systems. We have a team of about 50 developers with focus on the development of our software.

Going forward to support our customers in the future operations

Our focus is now to further develop the company’s software so that we can provide even better support for our customers in their transformation to Industry 4.0. This includes many different parts such as development within IoT combined with machine learning where data from production is collected and analyzed so that maintenance needs can be predicted at an early stage.

Integration solutions is another focus area where we recently Certified API PRO for integration with SAP, and where we will present more news in the close future.

We have also recently launched our first AR solution where the operator can hold a tablet in front of a machine in the business and gain access to more information, such as maintenance needs or any drawings related to the machine. Our ambition is to become even stronger in these areas.

We are at the heart of this revolution, but we want to get an even stronger position. This may involve additional acquisitions in, for example, process management or resource planning. We are looking for businesses that have a modern software solution that supports Industry 4.0.

Merging two successful businesses

In perspective, it was at the end of 2016, API Maintenance Systems acquired all shares in AXXOS Industrial Systems and formed a company with a strong common offering for optimization of industrial operations.

API was previously known for the API PRO EAM-system (Enterprise Asset Management) and AXXOS had their strength in the production monitoring system AXXOS OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

In the spring of 2018, it was time for the next step when we changed the brand name for our company group from API Maintenance Systems A/S to OPTIWARE.

It was a natural choice. We are much more than maintenance or OEE. We are a company that works with software for production optimization and it is now visible in our communication.

Michael Ries