Wooden House Manufacturer OBOS

received OPTIWARE Productivity Award 2018

OBOS Sweden AB was awarded for their successful improvement work, which, based on follow-up, visualization and analysis, has resulted in significant productivity improvements in a very short time.

OBOS received the prize from OPTIWARE CEO, Michael Ries, at the OPTIWARE Scandinavian User Days , which gathered nearly 200 participants in Jönköping, Sweden this year.

Reduced downtime and increased availability

In 2017, OBOS, with brands such as Myresjöhus and Smålandsvillan, made a decision to invest in a production monitoring system. A great demand to supplement the production support that existed in ERP and production planning systems with a user-friendly tool for improvement work was identified. The choice fell on OPTIWARE with the product AXXOS OEE. A pilot study was started at the factory in Myresjö, outside Vetlanda, Fall 2017. Just one year following the decision, OBOS was able to show clear results, such as reducing downtime by 65% and increasing availability by 35%.

« We needed an OEE tool that enabled integration with our business system Microsoft Dynamics AX.. OPTIWARE has good experience of this. We also have a great need for a user-friendly and modern maintenance system in the future, and OPTIWARE has API PRO Maintenance System in its product portfolio. This was strengthening us in our decision. « Says Robin Englund, Project Manager at OBOS.

Successful pilot study

First, AXXOS OEE was installed on the production line for the manufacture of trusses, which historically has been a bottleneck in production. The integration with Dynamics AX with Automatic Order Handling and Reporting fell into place. Real-time visualization of the production line flow in AXXOS OEE Visualize, as well as using AXXOS OEE Analyze for the analysis of downtime causes, led immediately to measurable results.

« Being able to see exactly how we compare to the project timeline, and where our bottlenecks actually are, immediately became a big success. After a few minor changes and improvements, we succeeded within three months to move from two shifts to one while still reaching our volume requirements, which we did not do before. Now, we do not have to rely on purchasing trusses from external suppliers. Instead we handle the volumes we need ourselves, » continues Robin Englund.

Quick change yield quick payback

« The rapid change towards more efficient production, made in the pilot study , enabled us to implement a comprehensive solution with AXXOS OEE in our production units. The cost savings meant that we gained back the entire investment in a few months, « says Roger Pettersson Berglund, Business Area Manager-Production, OBOS Sverige AB.

Roll-out in several factories

After a successfully completed pilot study, OPTIWARE and OBOS are now implementing step two in the roll-out, where about 70 stations will be added to our factory in Vrigstad. The ERP system integration and real-time visualization are key factors here as well. Following this roll-out is step three, that includes installation in the Sundsvall factory and expansion of the installation in Myresjö.

« Of course, it’s fun when you increase profitability and cut costs, but one thing I think is even more fun is the joy of the production team working with trusses, who is really proud of what has been achieved. It has become a little more fun to go to work. I think that’s fantastic and I’m looking forward to the results of the continued roll-out » concludes Robin Englund.

About OBOS Sverige AB

OBOS Sverige AB is one of Sweden’s leading housing developers who operates under the brands; OBOS, Myresjöhus, SmålandsVillan and the sister company Kärnhem. OBOS Sverige AB has three factories located in Myresjö, Vrigstad (Sävsjö) and Sundsvall. The company has approximately 1,000 employees and sales of 3,574 MSEK in 2017. Headquartered in Myresjö. OBOS Sverige is part of the Norwegian OBOS, a member-owned organization headquartered in Oslo, Norway. In 2016, OBOS delivered a total of 4500 housing units in the Nordic region.

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