Aptean Analytics

Utilize your data to OPTIMIZE operations

In all industrial operations, large amounts of data are continuously generated in the business-, production- and maintenance processes. Data that is used in the daily activities in the execution or presented in reports and dashboards. Some of the vast quantities of data also becomes valuable in the search for detailed information about historical operational events. But the major share of the data will for many operations remain hidden in databases, just because it is difficult and time-consuming to summarize, create overviews and draw conclusion from large amounts of data.

Aptean Analytics is the powerful easy to use business analytics solution that will help you to, improve operational efficiency, optimize your productivity, improve your delivery precision, increase your revenues and gain a competitive edge over rivals. Covering the scope from long term historical data to real-time data, Aptean Analytics will give your staff easy access to actionable information about operational performance, key performance indicators and more.

The quick way to fact-based decisions

Aptean Analytics has an intuitive user interface where it’s as easy to summarize data and create an overview as it is to drill down in to the details. With just a few clicks you can consolidate, search, visualize and analyze all your data for full insight.

Best practice analysis models and the possibility to click and zoom directly in the graphical representation of data will help you to create your desired basis for decisions quickly and with little effort.



Easy to use and learn



Instant business answers


No waiting for static reports



Explore data without limits


Rapid time to value


Share business insights with colleagues


Aptean EAM API PRO Edition

Aptean EAM API PRO Edition Analytics is an open and flexible business intelligence solution for continuous improvement of maintenance operations and asset performance.

Aptean OEE

Aptean OEE Analyze is a powerful tool for visualization and analysis of production data.