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Designed for Integration

Aptean products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing business- and manufacturing systems. The functionality and usability of the Aptean EAM and OEE products have been developed based on the actual workflows and work processes of the end users. By interfacing the EAM and OEE systems to your ERP system and other relevant IT systems, the users can focus on using only the digital tools they need and are familiar with.

The seamless integration of the Aptean solutions to enterprise systems has the following advantages:

  • More efficient workflows
  • The software becomes a part of daily routines
  • Safe time – No need for double data entry in multiple systems

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an important part of the transformation to Industry 4.0. Aptean support and can help with integration to IIoT devices and other industrial sensors and equipment for collection and processing of machine generated information. Event signals and condition data are highly relevant and can be directly used in the Aptean OEE, EAM and Analytics products. The integration to IIoT devices can be used for Condition Based Maintenance and visualization of Production Efficiency. When combining the data with automated analysis products, machine learning and artificial intelligence the data can be used for Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Bottleneck Analysis and to achieve other Smart Factory benefits.

Aptean EAM API PRO Edition certified as SAP Integration partner

Aptean solutions are often integrated to ERP systems, and the Aptean EAM SAP integration has been certified by SAP.

Aptean Integration Experts

The Aptean professional service team have many years of experience with integration our EAM and OEE product to other enterprise IT systems and to industrial systems. To learn more about Aptean EAM Integration and Aptean OEE Integration, please click on the logo.

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