The food and beverage industries are faced with high customer demands for quality and safety as well as regulations, which companies need to comply with. If manufacturers are to deliver on these parameters and at the same time stay competitive, they need to continuously look for ways to streamline business processes, increase utilization of assets, reduce downtime, etc. The combined offering (EAM & OEE) from OPTIWARE is ideally suited for overcoming these optimization challenges in the food and beverage industries.

At OPTIWARE we provide users with the tools needed to identify shortcomings in the value chain as well as ineffective processes and to rapidly solve the problems when discovered – and to do so in real-time.

We make planning easy and flexible, analysis and reports ready available and ensure transparency of maintenance activities and surveillance of key performance indicators. All of these are prerequisites to securing a continuous optimization of production.

By using AXXOS from OPTIWARE, we now have a complete report for each morning meeting. This enables 20 people to review occurrences of major issues and make informed decisions on which to focus on – all in under 15 minutes

Jörgen Thunholm


API PRO is a maintenance management system that manages assets, improves reliability, availability and performance management – and in addition, it is the most flexible EAM solution on the market today.

AXXOS OEE is a production monitoring solution with a strong focus on follow-up and optimization, that will give you the full picture of how effectively your production is running – and provide a solid foundation for improvements!