EAM & OEE for the Power & Utility industry

Companies providing utilities and power operate under the condition that customers do not accept downtime in output. The consequences of failure are far-reaching and large investments are made to counter this.
To stay competitive in such a market, suppliers need to continuously look for ways to streamline business processes, increase utilization of assets, predict deviance in output, etc. Aptean is ideally suited for overcoming these optimization challenges in the power and utility industries – and our customers enjoy the benefits of tailored implementations, which mirror the special characteristics of the business.

At Aptean we provide users with the tools needed to identify shortcomings in the value chain as well as ineffective processes and to rapidly solve the problems when discovered – and to do so in real-time.

We make planning easy and flexible, analysis and reports ready available and ensure transparency of maintenance activities and surveillance of key performance indicators. All of these are prerequisites to securing a continuous optimization of production.

With a brand-new facility and the help of API PRO from OPTIWARE, we will get a much leaner maintenance process, and ensure that all relevant data is gathered going forward.

Hans Christian Laurenz

Engineer and maintenance technician, ARC

Being a global power provider, preventive maintenance is an essential of our operation and in working with OPTIWARE we have managed to ensure a very high level of efficiency and reliability.


Aptean EAM API PRO Edition

Vad är Aptean EAM:Aptean EAM är Apteans "out-of-the-box" EAM-mjukvarulösning, designad för att möta kraven från de tillverkningsföretagen som är verksamma inom Industri 4.0.

Vad gör den unik:Det är det optimala systemet för att säkerställa en effektiv och digitaliserad underhållsprocess. Det hjälper företag att konsekvent leverera produkter av hög kvalitet och att minimera avbrottstiden i produktionen.

Varför du behöver det:Aptean EAM är nästa generations EAM-mjukvarulösning. Det kommer med mängder av inbyggda funktioner och egenskaper, som tillsammans möjliggör upprätthållandet av en effektiv underhållsprocess.