What is Industry 4.0?

Most industries today have to the extent possible adapted and implemented the automation of machines and processes brought forward by Industry 3.0. The new mantra of the next era of industrialisation is the end-to-end digitisation of all production assets and the integration of both vertical and horizontal value chains into one digital ecosystem. Generating, analysing and communicating data seamlessly is a prerequisite and it relies on a wide range of integrated networks and technologies to create value and drive competitiveness.

Product and service offerings in the i4.0-paradigm:

Digitisation brings about tangible changes in the products used in manufacturing – e.g. by adding smart sensors or communication devices that provide real-time data about the maintenance status and performance of individual hardware elements. Gathering and making this data available for practical use requires analytical tools by which processes and output can be optimized. OPTIWARE can help your company achieve the transparency necessary to respond optimally to the data flow and ensure that you achieve continuous operational savings and thus contribute to the overall competitiveness of your business.

Making your value chain smarter

Implementing i4.0 initiatives in your production can help you achieve cost savings on many levels. When integrating the planning and scheduling of manufacturing processes by combining data from within the enterprise – from sensors all the way through to ERP systems – with information from inventory levels, product development or current market dynamics the vertical integration takes a big step forward. But also such initiatives can also increase the horizontal integration of your value chain as the shop floor planning improves asset utilisation and overall productivity. In addition, optimisation of repair and maintenance schedules through the use of predictive algorithms can effectively reduce downtime for key assets.

Companies that use such systems can significantly improve efficiencies, reduce inventories and cut unnecessary cost.

Industry 4.0 is becoming a ‘qualifier to compete’

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that connect the data input and transfer between the equipment of multiple vendors, as well as facilitating communication between multiple software and systems applications, extending from a company’s ERP-system all the way to shop floor quality applications is becoming a necessity to maintain competitiveness in many industries.

Investing in sensors or connectivity devices in your production lines is all very well but without the proper software and applications to handle and respond to the increased levels of information – the potential is lost. Also, the human factor needs to be taken into consideration. This is why OPTIWARE does not only provide the best optimization software – we also offer the right training in order to drive the digital agenda and enable employees to reap the benefits from investments in i4.0-technology.