API acquires all shares in AXXOS

Scandinavian efficiency software companies join forces catering for Industry 4.0 needs

Today, API Maintenance Systems has acquired all shares in the Swedish ‘gazelle’ company, AXXOS. The companies expect to reap substantial synergies in the fight for market shares within IT-systems for maintenance and operational optimization.

The acquisition, which is a part of API’s global growth strategy, adds the powerful production monitoring and improvement system AXXOS OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as well as Calibration technology to its product portfolio.

API, which by ComputerWorld was named Denmark’s best IT-company in 2013, develops and markets software for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Michael Ries, CEO of API, expects that the addition of AXXOS’ software will contribute significantly to achieving the company’s ambitious growth targets.

Moving up the value chain

API has during the past 20 years – and in competition with large multinational IT companies – established a strong position within EAM-systems. The client list contains several of the biggest brands in the food & beverages, pharmaceutical, process and manufacturing industries distributed across more than 50 countries.

“We have strong track record in providing solutions to the many challenges that exist around the planning processes and maintenance of large manufacturing companies,” says Michael Ries, and adds: “But what we get with AXXOS, is the ability to offer our customers the tools to measure how well they utilize their production equipment and to find the potentials for improvements. We believe that this ability will be of great importance to our customers.”

The acquisition of AXXOS happens in a niche market which is experiencing growing demand and by adding the AXXOS OEE-tools and analysis, API can offer customers a product mix currently unmatched by even the largest competitors. “Both companies are healthy and well-managed, so this acquisition is driven solely by a strategic desire to move up the value chain, and we expect that it will contribute to the further growth of our businesses,” Michael Ries explains.

Global focus 

AXXOS is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of production monitoring solutions with over 300 customers in 20 countries. AXXOS has its largest customer base in the Nordic region, while API already has the bulk of its revenue abroad.

“API is a global player – and with offices in 10 countries they can help lift our technology onto the world market much faster than we would have been able to on our own,” says AXXOS’ CEO, Claes Gunnarsson and Michael Ries adds: “In addition to now being able to offer our large customer base to add AXXOS OEE-tools and analysis technologies to our existing solution, we also believe that our combined offering will attract new customers, who are looking for an important insight into the real value of their work with maintenance and optimization”.

Industry 4.0 and IoT 

A common denominator is that both companies’ services and technologies support the global supertrend, Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things), where the increasing digitization of manufacturing systems makes it possible to generate, analyze and communicate data in order to optimize the overall efficiency.

“With this acquisition, we move our positions forward in this exciting area, where integration and collaboration between different applications is a key to success,” Michael Ries concludes.


API Maintenance Systems A/S 

  • headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • was in 2013 named Denmark’s best IT company by Computerworld
  • the Danish equity fund, Capidea, is the majority shareholder
  • API has customers in more than 50 countries
  • API PRO software is available in 23 languages

AXXOS Industrisystem AB: 

  • resides in Jönköping, Sweden
  • has just been named a ‘gazelle’ company (i.e. fast-growing) by the Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri.
  • has customers in 20 countries

After the acquisition, API Group has a three-digit million turnover in DKK and about 110 employees in 15 offices in 10 countries.

Michael Ries, CEO, API Maintenance Systems A/S (+45 40 27 99 41)

Aptean EAM API PRO Edition

Vad är Aptean EAM:Aptean EAM är Apteans "out-of-the-box" EAM-mjukvarulösning, designad för att möta kraven från de tillverkningsföretagen som är verksamma inom Industri 4.0.

Vad gör den unik:Det är det optimala systemet för att säkerställa en effektiv och digitaliserad underhållsprocess. Det hjälper företag att konsekvent leverera produkter av hög kvalitet och att minimera avbrottstiden i produktionen.

Varför du behöver det:Aptean EAM är nästa generations EAM-mjukvarulösning. Det kommer med mängder av inbyggda funktioner och egenskaper, som tillsammans möjliggör upprätthållandet av en effektiv underhållsprocess.

Aptean OEE

Vad är Aptean OEE: Aptean OEE är Apteans  toppmoderna lösning för produktionsövervakning. Den är designad för att förse er med en helhetsbild över er produktionseffektivitet, samt hjälpa dig identifiera förlustorsaker likväl som förbättringsmöjligheter.

Vad gör det unikt: Aptean OEE-mjukvarulösning har ett starkt fokus på produktionsövervakning och optimering. Det gör det möjligt att lokalisera flaskhalsar i produktionen, hålla koll på tillgänglighet av tillgångar, fastställa OEE-värde per maskin, del eller order samt hitta de vanliga orsakerna till avbrott.

Varför du behöver du det: Med Aptean OEE kan du få din utrustningseffektivitet att ligga ett steg före i visionen om Industri 4.0. Detta beror på att du kan integrera realtidsinformation om produktionen i din nuvarande och framtida digitala tillverkningsmiljö.