Why are some companies more successful than others in achieving efficiency and profitability in their production?

Investments in efficient machinery and supporting software is one explanation. Good leadership is another that is strongly linked to a third – a conscious investment in training programs.


It is your employees who ensure that your investment in production equipment as well as in a production follow-up system is utilized in the best possible way. AXXOS OEE Academy will help you get the most out of your investment in AXXOS OEE.

AXXOS OEE Super User

Requirements: User of AXXOS OEE

Certifying System Administrator Training in AXXOS OEE and Operator Tasks.

Who is the target audience?

  • Production managers, technicians who work in AXXOS OEE, and personnel responsible for AXXOS OEE within the organization.

This course gives basic knowledge to effectively administer and manage AXXOS OEE.

We will provide educational information regarding; machine settings, bugs, measurement principles, and administration of downtime types. Additionally, we will show how to run complex reports, scheduling reports for different purposes, managing article records, orders, and operator maintenance, and other standard features of AXXOS OEE.

Purpose of the course

  • Understand the principles of OEE measurement
  • Be able to administer, use and manage all default features in AXXOS OEE
  • Run and schedule reports for an area of responsibility
  • Create and handle different basic operator maintenance schedules


  • AXXOS OEE user functions
  • OEE Measurement
  • AXXOS OEE Administrator
  • AXXOS OEE Report
  • AXXOS OEE Operator Tasks

Course length: 1,5 days

AXXOS OEE Instructor

Requirements: Certified AXXOS OEE Super User

Certifying Instructor Training in AXXOS OEE for Internal Trainers. The course is aimed at AXXOS OEE managers who will conduct employee training courses for administrators and users of AXXOS OEE and serve as an internal AXXOS OEE expert. The course is primarily focused around different teaching moments and situations that demand expertise.

Who is the target audience?

  • Personnel responsible for implementing internal training of AXXOS OEE for administrators and users
  • Internal AXXOS OEE experts

Purpose of the course

  • Being able to conduct company-wide employee training courses for Administrator, Report and Operator unctions
  • Be able to plan simple new / reinstallation within the company / group
  • Be able to act as an internal AXXOS OEE expert


  • AXXOS OEE Information Architecture and Technical Structure: Information Architecture, Signal Collection Principles, OEE Calculation Methods and Other KPIs / Measurement, Troubleshooting and Error Management of the AXXOS OEE System
  • Educational planning: Adaptation of education to different target groups / purposes
  • Educational implementation of: Administrator training, including operator tasks, Report training, Operator training with operator tasks
  • Follow-up of training / feedback
  • Participation in instructor networks and information on renewed certification

Course length: 2 days