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Aptean OEE Operator Task

Operators often have the responsibility of taking care of basic maintenance such as oil checking and cleaning etc. A common problem is that the operator maintenance does not get done or followed up on when everything is reported in paper form.

With access to to-do lists directly in the operators downtime coding view and in mobile devices and with access to subtasks and descriptions the operators have no need for binders or access to other systems. Effortless immediate reporting of performed work and input of quality control gives control over the operator maintenance process and secures traceability.

Skip the papers at the Machine

In the industry it is more and more common that the machine operators take responsibility for service and maintenance work such as oil checking, cleaning and periodical replacement of tools or filters. They also take a large responsibility in the quality control process. With the help of Aptean OEE Operator Task it is easy to connect these tasks to calendar time and/or to operational conditions. Operators can focus on the operation of one or more machines and still have full control over the tasks to be done without checking lists and documentation on paper or going in to a maintenance system.

Aptean OEE Operator Task supports:

  • Planning of operator tasks for maintenance and quality control.
  • Connect operator tasks to calendar time and / or operational conditions such as order start, run time, shift change, and product change.
  • To-do lists in the coding view at the operator’s workstation as well as in mobile devices with Aptean OEE Mobile.
  • Access to task documentation and sub tasks.
  • Reporting of performed tasks and registration of measured values for quality control.
  • Follow up on performed tasks.
  • Ensures that all planned operator tasks are managed and if not an email is sent out.
  • For planned work it is possible to attach instructions and pictures, and you can also specify setpoints to compare against actual reported values.
  • The feature can also be used for other recurring work to be reported in production.

Aptean OEE Operator Task FAQ

Are there any hardware requirements?

No, Aptean OEE Operator Task is web-based and therefore requires no special hardware to run the application.

Does Aptean OEE Operator Maintenance replace the maintenance system?

No, Aptean OEE Operator Maintenance does not replace a complete maintenance system. This feature is for simpler and recurrent maintenance work on a machine that is normally performed by the operator. Work that for many companies today is organized with the help of checklists, binder solutions and other paper documents can now be replaced by Aptean OEE Operator Maintenance.

People who perform specialized maintenance will continue to require a complete maintenance system.

Often operators do not report in the maintenance system because it is a little too in-depth and additionally, when purchasing a maintenance system one usually pays by the number of users, which becomes a great many if all the operators were to report in the maintenance system. The Aptean OEE Operator maintenance module is free for any number of users.

Is Aptean OEE Operator Task included in Aptean OEE?

No, Aptean OEE Operator Task is an option and is not included in Aptean OEE.

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