It’s All About The Assets

No matter your industry, if you are dealing with an infrastructure, you are experiencing many of the same trends hitting all industries.

The Internet of Things (IoT), equipment, assets and infrastructure are getting smarter and more connected. The drive for increased efficiencies is driving a more mobile workforce. This workforce is increasingly relying on data and analytics to streamline preventive and predictive maintenance. No worries API PRO has you covered, we’ve got your back!

A true EAM practice will reach across the entire enterprise and API PRO provides enterprise level visibility across all of your functional


  • Executives have complete visibility of all systems enabling better business decisions
  • Contract managers have access to asset related contracts and vendor performance for contract negotiations
  • Compliance/Risk managers can see the asset details to ensure regulatory compliance, while also mitigating risk
  • Planners & Schedulers are provided ease of use graphical tools to maximize workforce utilization and improve efficiency
  • Purchase manager can see costs and orders enterprise wide for price comparisons, discounting and order tracking
  • Financial Managers can see the entire inventory and return of investment of assets
  • Operations Managers have insight into asset conditions in enough detail to improve utilization and performance
  • Field Technicians have mobile device access to the work assigned to them and can capture critical data about assets on the spot
  • IT Managers are given the ability to see how to streamline inventory and resources across the organization
  • Maintenance Managers have easy access to planned jobs, work orders and resources to increase asset capacity
  • Is your organization struggling with any of these issues? If so maybe you should take a look at API PRO.
  • Difficulty tracking asset location and availability
  • Rising operating cost of your asset’s
  • Scheduling of skilled resources leading to either overworked or under utilization
  • Increased regulatory requirements
  • Missed SLA’s to production and operations
  • Out of control inventory costs

EAM programs bring a direct positive impact to your organization’s Asset Life Cycle Management. Let API PRO provide you with the benefits of an optimized Asset Life Cycle Management program.