We strive to provide superior value for our customers. We do this by not only developing an advanced and efficient maintenance tool, but also by providing the best possible training for the users.

The API PRO Academy takes training used throughout our system to a new level. The different courses offered allows users to obtain certifications to fulfill different roles in each organization. It also ensures that everyone has the required knowledge and tools to perform their best!


Based on what role you have in your company, you can choose through a variety of API PRO training courses. Once these courses are completed the customer will be a certified professional of API PRO.
The API PRO academy course schedule has been designed to make it easy for you to find the right course level. The academy courses serve as a tool when planning your API PRO training.

Level 1 – Basic Courses

This course provides a beginner user with an overview of the API PRO system and essential prerequisite knowledge for higher level courses. This course is designed for routine users of the API PRO system.

Level 2 – Detailed Courses

This courses gives an in-depth look at business processes and functionality and shows how to use API PRO software in a more detailed way. This course is designed for key users in maintenance, stock and purchase areas.

Level 3 – Advanced Courses

This course focuses on providing expert level information about the API PRO system. This course is designed for target groups who are super users of the system and supervisors.


API PRO academy acknowledges that your needs vary during different phases of your API PRO lifecycle. Whether implementing, optimizing, or extending your API PRO software, our learning strategy helps you gain API PRO proficiency. Through working knowledge API Maintenance Systems want to help you get the most out of your investment.
Our learning solutions are focused on getting technical and functional users during the implementation phase. With training delivered onsite or in API PRO training centers, your project team will be able to get API PRO software configured and running at a quick rate.
As you extend your solution by upgrading API PRO or adding on new functionality, API PRO academy is there. We offer learning options that allow you to focus on what’s new so you don’t have to waste time.

Certification Program

API PRO academy provides a step-by-step training program that allows users to become an API PRO Certified User, Certified Professional and Certified Expert. API PRO academy courses pave the way to becoming certified in the various API PRO roles. To achieve certification, you must pass an exam. This exam will test you on the knowledge gained throughout the training curriculum. In order to get the most out of the training, you will need to follow the designated path to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the exam.

Academy courses

Please use the subscription button to register for one of our courses. To get a detailed description of the course you are interested in, please click on the course number.