Mobile Solutions

Using smart phones, iPads, tablet PCs and portable PDA equipment is essential. Not being tied to a specific computer with the system installed, but instead working directly from where you are is critical to the efficiency of your plant.

Mobile devices

Maintenance personnel need to be able to work in the field and still receive and report work orders to and from API PRO on their smartphones and tablets. A valuable feature in the API PRO maintenance software is the opportunity to work both online and offline in the system.

The API PRO Online/Offline app reduces the administrative time needed in front of a computer and allows maintenance technicians to focus even more on asset maintenance. Using API PRO’s mobile asset management software creates an increase in productivity. Having greater freedom of movement allows for repairs and maintenance to be updated in real-time. Mobile solutions also offers a solid answer for stock management issues. Businesses can keep production up and running and increase work efficiency by being more mobile.

The API PRO Mobile solutions are based on the most recent .NET, XML and Web Services technology. This allows work to be completed both online and offline. In addition, API PRO Mobile saves time and protects from typing errors.

Stay ON the task even when OFF-line

Download selected work orders to your mobile device and keep working with API PRO Mobile even when you are out of range of WiFi or mobile signal. With the new offline functionality you can:

  • Get access to documents attached to work orders
  • Register work done and other feedback
  • Register your time spent
  • Add photos taken with your mobile device
  • Scan barcodes and register used spare parts
  • Finish work orders

All without having to worry whether or not your mobile device is connected to the network.

When you are back within range of a mobile network and your device goes online again, you can easily synchronize your offline work with API PRO so that information can be shared with your colleagues. No need to return to your desk and login to your computer.

Go Mobile with API PRO!

By increasing the mobility of your Enterprise Asset Management, you increase the ability of your workforce to receive, react on, and register maintenance tasks instantly, regardless of time or place. This minimizes travel time between tasks and facilitates accurate registrations of work done, which is crucial for supporting continuous improvement of your EAM operations.


The API PRO job request web portal supports two ways of handling the reporting of your plant’s to-do list. Job Ordering and Notifications can be handled directly from a web browser and used from any PC or tablet connected to the internet.

Job Ordering

With the Job Order function, users can create an unplanned corrective work order directly in the system from your PC or iPad. Typically, this tool is used by machine operators, or other frequent system users who report urgent problems.


The API PRO Notification function allows non-frequent users to report errors directly, without having access to a full version of the API PRO system. Instead, these users are granted access simply by your internet linking to the API PRO system. This means that your non-frequent users only need an internet connection to get the job done.

The special API PRO web user license policy makes it affordable to grant all employees in your company access to job requesting via the web.


Using barcodes in API PRO allows you to considerably rationalize your stock handling process, by providing a faster and more reliable data entry process. Not only will this save your employees time, it also eliminates the risk of typos.

Barcodes are supported by a number of optional devices, including portable data collectors, PDAs and iPhones. In addition, you can connect a barcode reader to a keyboard, which allows you to simply scan the barcode at stock issues and returns, rather than having to do manual registration.

As well as making stock control more efficient, barcodes can also be used for reading work orders and accounting assignments. This API PRO functionality also includes a print out of stock labels. These and all other printouts can be designed freely to fulfill your needs.

What you get with API PRO EAM


Avoid costly downtime



Increase efficiency in the maintenance process



Flexibility to meet the needs of your organization



Production reliability



Fast implementation



Reduce maintenance costs



Easy access to your production KPI’s



Optimize asset performance



Improved regulatory compliance



Secure reliable data and documentation



Optimize procurement process